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Monday Minutes: Patron Savings on the OPAC

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie talk about a feature that can be displayed in the OPAC so the patron can see their total savings by using the library!!!

Displaying Patron Savings on the OPAC

Do you want to share with your patron how much they have saved by using the library? Well, now you can!

Koha has a new system preference, OPACShowSavings, which allows the library to turn on this feature and also determine where they would like these savings to be seen by the patron.

Koha has three options:

--Show the patron savings in the User Summary

--Show the patron savings in the Patron Summary page

--Show the patron savings in the Checkout History tab

A library can pick all three, or pick and choose which place they would like to display.

Patron Savings

Patron Savings is based on the item's replacement cost with the item holding record, the 952$v.

Checkout History

For the choice of "Show the Patron Savings in the Checkout Tab" , we did mention in the video, that if a library allows patrons to choose to save or remove their checkout history, and a patron chooses to not save their history, that patron would not see this patron savings.

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