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Monday Minutes: Options for Quick Printing at Circulation

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie talk about a system preference that gives libraries a choice of what happens at the end of a circulation transaction.

System Preference

The system preference, CircAutoPrintQuickSlip, gives libraries three options to what happens at the end of a circulation transaction.

Clear the Screen

Open a Quick Print Slip Window

Open a Print Slip Window

For a library that does not print receipts at the desk, this would be an ideal option! This will just clear the patron account of the screen. For the other two options, when enter is hit within the barcode screen at the end of a transaction, Koha will either display a print box with the Print Slip or the Print Quick Slip. A Print Slip will print today's checkouts and previous existing checkouts. A Quick Print Slip will only print out today's checkouts for the patron.

Virtual Florida Summit Presentations

We are in Florida this week for two Summits! If you are not able to attend the Summits in person- don't forget you can register for any/all of our partner presentations.

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