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Monday Minutes: OPAC Browse Search

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie discuss Elastic Search and the feature on the OPAC called OPAC Browse Search.

What is Elastic Search?

Here are a few blog posts about the Elastic Search feature that has been added to Koha.

Koha Adopts Elastic for Search Functionality

Elastic Searching

Monday Minutes: What to Expect with Elastic Search

If your library is not on Elastic Search, and you are a partner of ours, please reach out and we would be happy to help you configure your system for this robust searching feature.

Browse Search on the OPAC

For libraries that have Elastic Search on their Koha system, this is a feature that you can turn on for your patrons to search alternatively than a standard search in Koha.

The system preference, OPACBrowseSearch, will need to be enabled in your global system preferences. Once this is turned on (and you have elastic search), a new option called "Browse Search" will appear on the OPAC.

A search bar is available to be used as well as the choice of Author, Title and Subject. In addition to the patron making a search in one of these areas, they can choose that the search be "Exact", "Fuzzy", and "Really Fuzzy". An exact search will truly take what the patron has entered and give them the results that exactly match their search. A fuzzy search will search but with some wiggle room in what was searched. And a really fuzzy search will give the patron lots more options of what could be somewhat related to the value they entered.

My recommendation would be to give the old "exact search" a try, and then move on to "Fuzzy".

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