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Monday Minutes: New Option With Claims Returned

Claims Returned

When claims returned was introduced a few Koha versions ago, when a library marked an item claimed on a patron's account, this item remained on their checkout page. Although this may work for some libraries, other libraries wanted the functionality to have the item that is being marked 'claimed' to be taken off the patron's checkouts.

System Preference

A new option has been added to the system preference, MarkLostItemsAsReturned, to accommodate those libraries that would like to remove items that have been claimed off the Patron's checkouts.

A library can now go in and add this option to the system preference. Once this has been included in the system preference choices, once an item has been marked claimed, the item will be removed from the patron's checkouts.

The item will be marked with a "claim' status and the patron will still have the item in their "Claim" tab on their account.

This change just alters how the claimed item is reflected in Koha.

Claims Returned

If a library would like to learn more about the Claims Returned process, here is a helpful blog post and tutorial video on this feature:

Claims Returned Enhancement