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Monday Minutes: New Opt-Out Option for Auto Renewals

Monday Minute Tutorial Video

New System Preference

There is a new system preference:

AllowPatronToControlAutorenewal: you can either allow only staff or allow patrons to allow/disallow auto-renewal for an account. If "allow a patron" is selected, the patron will be able to update their own account to allow/disallow auto-renewals from occuring. If "allow staff" is chosen, then only staff will be able to turn this on/off for the patron.

Note: If your library has a value in the “no renewal before column” and your patron has opted out of the automatic renewals, they will not be able to renew until after that date has passed.

Staff View

The ability to change this on the staff interface will appear under the "Library Management" section of the Patron Details.


With the system preference set to "Allow for Patrons", a logged in patron will be able to see this option in their Patron Summary.

For More Information about Setting Up Auto Renewals

The updated Auto-Renewal blog post has more information about setting up Auto-Renewals.

Coming Soon!

This feature is currently being added to ByWater partner sites, the Koha community will see this in the 20.05 release of Koha.

Bug 24476: https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=24476