Monday Minutes: New Education Website

New Education Website

Jessie and Kelly are excited to share the new Education website that will allow users to find material easier! We have broken down the main site into a few categories to highlight the type of Koha user you are - and from there you can find all the Koha information.

New Education Website

For our migrating libraries, we have organized sections for Training and Data.

For new users of Koha, we have curated an area that is broken out into Koha modules and included short tutorial videos to watch and learn Koha with.

For all users of Koha, we have the "Explore Koha" area which still has all the great content that we create to aid you in the changes of Koha or just hot topics that we want to share with users. The Explore Koha area is also broken out into Koha modules, so you the user can get to the area that interests you faster!

At this time, this link is not available from our ByWater Solutions website - so don't forget to bookmark it!

Our website still includes the original Education page with all the same content.

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