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Monday Minutes : New Cataloging Look

Monday Minute Tutorial Video

Jessie, Kelly, and Donna show off the new cataloging display in Koha 19.05. This cataloging display change [22045] will be featured in the new release of Koha.
The new display will allow for access to a specific marc tag within the tabs with less scrolling or searching! Each marc tag that is editable within this framework will show at the top underneath the tab.

This new enhancement also allows for customization as a community member noted in the bug, which Kelly, Jessie and Donna show (green colored staff client).

Code for System Preference IntranetUserJS

$(document).ready(function() {

$(".toolbar-tabs-container a[href='#tab0XX'], #tab0XX h3").text("Control and coded fields");

$(".toolbar-tabs-container a[href='#tab1XX'], #tab1XX h3").text("Main entry");

$(".toolbar-tabs-container a[href='#tab2XX'], #tab2XX h3").text("Title and edition");

$(".toolbar-tabs-container a[href='#tab3XX'], #tab3XX h3").text("Physical description");

$(".toolbar-tabs-container a[href='#tab4XX'], #tab4XX h3").text("Series");

$(".toolbar-tabs-container a[href='#tab5XX'], #tab5XX h3").text("Notes");

$(".toolbar-tabs-container a[href='#tab6XX'], #tab6XX h3").text("Subject Access");

$(".toolbar-tabs-container a[href='#tab7XX'], #tab7XX h3").text("Added and linking entry");

$(".toolbar-tabs-container a[href='#tab8XX'], #tab8XX h3").text("Series added entry and electronic access");

$(".toolbar-tabs-container a[href='#tab9XX'], #tab9XX h3").text("Koha related");


19.05 Upgrades

We are happy to announce that we will be rolling out the 19.05 Koha release in December to our partners. Our Upgrade Webinar schedule and links to registration can be found here. Webinars will start in November and as always we will be recording them if you can't attend.

Here are some great links for more information about the Koha release of 19.05:

Koha Manual

Koha Release Notes

ByWater 19.05 Upgrade Notes

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