Monday Minutes: Let's Talk Email


Mitch has written a four-part series about the upcoming email changes happening in ByWater:

All about email - Part 1

All about email - Part 2

All about email - Part 3

All about email - Part 4

The Change

This change has a dual purpose:

1. We strive to have emails go from Koha to your patron smoothly and efficiently. This email change will hopefully stop emails from being considered spam and get to your patrons without hassle.

2. In the upcoming future, we have plans to change our cloud setting. We are moving out of a public cloud setting and going over to a private cloud.

What to Expect

With the information in the blog posts and the tickets we have sent to our partners, we have started moving the partner's email processes currently and will continue to about mid-October.

As we start to move Koha instances and databases to the private cloud, scheduled from about mid-October to Thanksgiving. We will be doing this move during your closed business hours. And during this period of time, your Koha instance will be down for about 60 min as the move happens. As we do during the "Koha Upgrade" season, we will be posting a notice on your Koha staff client with the date that this down period will occur for your Koha staff interface.

If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out and we can assist!

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