Monday Minutes: koha-US Special Interest Groups

This week, Kelly and Jessie are joined by Lisette Scheer, koha-US 2020 President! Lisette is the System Administration Assistant at Latah County Library District.

We LOVE being a part of koha-US. Below you will find a great quote from their website! Listen today as we talk about all the great ways you can be a part of the koha-US community!

There’s no US without you. As an open-source product, Koha is developed and supported by a global community of passionate people. User participation in the community is key to helping the software grow and thrive. koha-US is here to help drive that participation by providing users in the United States and beyond a vehicle to interact, share, and learn.

koha-US Special Interest Groups

You can access the koha-US Special Interest Groups at

The koha-US Special interest groups bring together users with a shared interest or focus on certain aspects of Koha. These groups are a great way to learn something new on a topic, hash out a workflow, or collaborate on developments.

koha-US is happy to offer mailing lists and online meeting space for those interested in participating in special interest groups.

To join an interest group, click “Join” to sign up for their mailing list and watch for meeting announcements from

You can join the following groups!

  1. Acquisitions SIG
  2. Cataloging SIG
  3. Consortia SIG
  4. Demonstration SIG
  5. System Administration SIG
  6. User Services SIG
  7. Web Development SIG

There is even an Off-topic / Leisure Group! Book & Crafting Club

koha-US Education

koha-US has a wonderful video library available on YouTube. You can view some of their videos on

Become a Member

If you are interested in becoming a member of koha-US, you can signup right on their website!