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Monday Minutes: Hold Filled Digests

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie share a new feature coming in 23.05 which will reduce the number of emails your patrons are getting about their holds waiting to be picked up! Now, hold pickup notifications can be digested! This means your patron will get one email for their multiple holds that come in at the same time.

This enhancement to the Koha Community came from Bug 8838 Digest option for HOLD notice. Thank you to Koha Community Library Members who funded the development.

Patron Messages

This new option for digesting Hold Filled notifications will appear in both the patron message preferences as well as the Patron Category setup.

Patron Category- Found with the Administration Module

Each patron category in the library system can be set up with specific message preferences. These chosen message preferences will be applied to a patron when they are newly created. If a library would like to have this new "digest" option be pre-selected for specific patron categories, they can go into this section and update that.


Any changes to default message preferences by patron category will only apply to new patrons created within this patron category. If the library would like us to backport these updates to all patrons within that patron category, and you are a ByWater partner, please submit a ticket!

Patron Accounts

There are two ways to update an individual patron account. Staff can also choose to send Hold notifications in digest form from the individual patron account. Alternatively, a patron could update their own message preferences in the OPAC, if a library is allowing patrons this option.

Hold Digest Emails

When a HOLD digest message has been selected, the patron will receive their hold notifications together. Here is an example email with multiple emails.

23.05 Koha Upgrade

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