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Monday Minutes: Flexibility with Z39.50 Searching

In this Monday Minutes tutorial, Jessie and Kelly demonstrate a way to include other MARC fields in the z39.50 results screen.

Include new fields in the z39.50 results

Additional MARC fields in your z39.50 search can be added to expedite your Z39.50 search. The new system preference AdditionalFieldsInZ3950ResultSearch. This new system preference allows you to display the MARC field/subfields
in the 'Additional fields' column of Z39.50 search results.

Steps to set up the preference

Go to Administration › Global System Preferences

The system preference is called: AdditionalFieldsInZ3950ResultSearch

You will enter the marc fields and subfields in the text box

For example 336 & 338 for RDA information

In our tutorial video, we used 336$a, 338$a

Don't forget to SAVE!

Searching for records

When using the z39.50 search feature, your search results will now include a new column title and additional fields.

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