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Monday Minutes: Enforcing Two-Factor Authentication

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie talk about a recent new feature in Koha that allows for two-factor authentication, and how it has more options in 22.11.

Additional Options in System Preference

After the introduction of Two-Factor Authentication in 22.05, libraries wanted to ability to force this type of authentication. In 22.11, Koha now has included an option in the system preference: TwoFactorAuthentication, in addition, to enable, and disable, there is the option to Force.

For more information about this feature:

Monday Minutes: two-factor authentication in the staff interface

We have updated this blog post to include this new option with the system preference also!

With Enforced, Comes Change

With the option of enabled, in the system preference listed above, a staff member would go to their account and 'turn it on'. When the "forced" option is chosen, the staff member will not have the choice, all staff members will be forced to enable this two-factor authentication.


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