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Monday Minutes: Email Newly Registered Patrons

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie discuss a system preference that be turned on that will send a "Welcome" email to the newly registered patron.

System Preference

The system preference: AutoEmailOpacUser : if set to “send” will email your new registered patrons a welcome email with their account details.

Note: this system preference if set to Send, will only send an email to a newly registered patron if the patron has an email address included. In 22.05, this system preference was renamed AutoEmailNewUser.


In the Tools module of Koha, within the Notices and Slips section, the notice template is called Account Details and the code is ACCTDETAILS.

The default email will send the newly registered borrower their User Name and Password for their account. This notice can be customized for your library to add more information if desired.

Note: This notice will only send if the staff creates a user name and password at the time of creation.

A bug has been filed to adjust this functionality, Bug 18543.

Patron Creation

Once the system preference has been set to Send and the Notice has been customized for the library, we are ready to go! A staff member will create a patron with all the required fields that the library has set up and also make sure an email address, user name, and password has been entered before the patron's account has been saved.

1. Create Patron - make sure it has all required fields, email, user name & password.

2 Save the Patron

3. Patron will receive the Welcome email!

Note: This notice will not show up in the Patron's Notices as it contains password information.

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