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Monday Minutes: Editing Mana Reports

Tutorial Video


Here are links to our previous tutorial videos and blog about Mana. The Mana Knowledgebase integration was introduced in Koha 19.05.

Monday Minutes: Introducing Mana

Setting Up Mana

Using Mana to Import Reports into Koha

Using Mana for Serial Subscriptions

Editing an Imported Report

Once you have imported a report from Mana into your Koha system, you have the ability to immediately run the report and it will be saved in your report library.

There are cases that edits need to occur prior to running the imported report due to some spacing issues. There is an active bug, 24773, in the community to fix this issue, but until then, Jessie and Kelly highlight some ways to easily edit the report.

Using the Edit button, the report MySQL can be edited.

Keywords that are crucial to the functionality of the report are, SELECT, FROM, JOIN, LEFT JOIN, WHERE, ORDER, and GROUP.

Here is a great cartoon image by Julia Evans that illustrates this:

In the cases that the report needs to be edited, usually, it is with words that are running together. If you add the space between the words, your Koha report will be much happier.

Other edits can be done to alter the report to suit your library, for example, you can edit the title, or add it to a report group. Editing the MySQL is also something that is possible- add more fields to the select statement or adjusting the WHERE statement can be done also.

Think of this imported report as a jumping-off point to the ideal report that your library needs!

Continuing Education

Jessie and Kelly recorded this Monday Minute video LIVE during their "How to create content for your library" presentation. If you missed this, here is a link to this awesome presentation!

Also, if you haven't heard about the webinars that ByWater has been creating to help you learn from home, see this blog post!

More SQL Resources

KohaUS recently had an SQL webinar- if you are interested in learning more SQL, check out this video!