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Monday Minutes: Tracking Donations in Koha

In this Monday Minutes, Jessie and Kelly talk about how to track donations in Koha, either through the Acquisitions Module or within the Items Record.


If you have not used Acquisitions before, below you can find additional resources on setting up your Budget and Funds in our Self-Paced Learning Portal.

  1. Navigate to More > Administration > Acquisitions > Budgets
  2. Click the ‘New’ button and then choose which budget you would like to add the fund to.
  3. In the form enter the basics about your Donations/Gifts
  4. Click Submit

Next, We will want to Add a Vendor with information for Donations / Gifts

  1. To add a vendor click the ‘New vendor’ button on the acquisitions module main page.
  2. The new vendor form is broken into three sections: company information, contacts and ordering information.
  3. Fill out the valid information about your donation/gift and click Save.

Finally, you will want to create the basket/order/receive.

  1. From your Donation/Gift vendor, click the ‘New’ button and choose ‘Basket’.
  2. After clicking ‘New’ and ‘Basket’ you will be asked to enter some information about the order basket.
  3. The notes fields are optional and you can enter additional information about the Donation/Gift
  4. When finished, click ‘Save’.
  5. Once your basket is created, click on ‘Add to basket’ from the basket page.
  6. You have several ways for adding items to the donation/gift
  7. Once you have created the record, fill out the rest of the order form, including patron notifications, items, and accounting details (the price can be left at $0.00.
  8. Click ‘Save’ to add to the basket
  9. Once you have added all donations/gifts to the basket, you can click the ‘Close this basket’ button.
  10. From here you can begin the receiving process.

Item Record

Within the Item Record, you can track donations and/or gifts in a few places.

  • 952$e (Source of Acquisitions - items.booksellerid)
  • 952$x (Non-public note items.itemnotes_nonpublic)
  • 952$z (Public note items.itemnotes)

Additional Resources

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