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Monday Minutes: Default Expire Date for Holds

In this week's Monday Minutes Kelly and Jessie talk about the the new system preference set a default expire date for holds. Currently in Koha, you can not automatically set an expiration date for all holds, they in theory can live in the system forever. This enhancement in 21.05, Bug 26498 - Add option to set a default expire date for holds at reservation time, adds new system preferences to control setting of default expiration date for holds. By default the expiration date blank and disabled.

Enabling the System Preference

  1. Go to Administration --> System Preferences --> and search for DefaultHoldExpirationdate
  2. That will bring up 3 new system preferences
    1. DefaultHoldExpirationdate (option to set or don't set)
    2. DefaultHoldExpirationdatePeriod (expiration number)
    3. DefaultHoldExpirationdateUnitOfTime (option of days, months or years)

Click save all circulation preferences.

OPAC My Account

This Koha system has their hold expiration set to 365 days. In the case above we can see the default expiration of a year in Modern crochet bible.

In the title for easy crochet dishcloths, we can see the patron has picked an expiration.

Staff Client Patron Account

Above is what staff will see on the patrons account!

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