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Monday Minutes: Creating a Desktop Shortcut for Koha

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie will show libraries how to create a desktop shortcut for Koha.

Google Chrome / Mac

Jessie and Kelly both use Google Chrome for Koha and also work on Macs. Here are the steps for Google Chrome and Macs.

Clicking on the Google Chrome link, and entering the staff interface URL will bring up your Koha Client. From here, using the three dots on the Google Chrome browser, choose the "More Tools" option. In the "More Tools" option, choose "create shortcut".

Edit what you would like the text to show under the icon on your desktop- if desired. Also, the image that appears is what is called the Favicon. A library can upload their own Favicon to the Staff Interface and OPAC using the system preferences, OPACFavicon and IntranetFavicon. Our site uses the default favicon with the Koha logo.

The next step we showed was how to use a different image for the desktop icon if a library would like to use something different. You should see the desktop shortcut created on your desktop. If you right-click on this shortcut and choose the More Info option, you can drag an image and overlay that with the existing image.

Here is a link to the Koha Favicon we used.

Firefox/ PC

Open up your browser, Firefox, and go to your Library's Koha page. Take this URL and drag it onto your desktop, you should see the outline of the URL as you drag it. Release it once you are on the desktop.

At this point, you can click this shortcut and the browser should open to the page you created the shortcut for. Changing the icon for the shortcut on your PC, right-click on the new shortcut you have created. There are several tabs on this little popup, you want to be in the "Web Document" tab, which will display a text box, that says, "Change Icon". This will allow you to browse your computer for the icon you would like to use.

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