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Monday Minutes: Auto Complete in SQL Reports

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie show off a new feature coming in Koha 23.05. This feature will assist in creating and editing reports with an auto-complete feature in the Koha Reports Module. This feature, bug 32613, was developed to help users with the SQL module in Koha.

Auto Complete in SQL

This feature requires no turn on/turn off functionality! When a library gets upgraded to 23.05, they will start to see this auto-complete when editing or creating reports. Koha will provide choices as the staff member types in the SQL box.

Mana Knowledge Base for Reports

Please don't forget about utilizing the Mana Knowledge Base for reports! This is a super easy way to search for and import already-created SQL reports directly into your Koha Report Library. For more information:

Monday Minutes : Introducing Mana

Monday Minutes: Sharing Reports (to Mana)

Additional Resources

Find out more about the upcoming Koha 23.05 upgrade and don't forget to register for the "What's New Webinars" coming in January 2024!

Koha 23.05 Upgrade Notes