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Monday Minutes: All Things Password Related

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie talk all things password related!


Koha has several system preferences and patron category customizations for setting up and keeping passwords up to date.

System Preferences:

**minpasswordlength- how long should the password be - at a minimum!

**RequireStrongPassword: a strong password for staff and patrons (must contain at least one digit, one lowercase, and one uppercase).

**Note: Can be controlled by patron categories/system preference**

Patron Focused Passwords

Koha gives libraries the option to allow patrons to manage their passwords. These two system preferences:

OPACpasswordChange**: patrons to change their own password on the OPAC

OPACresetpassword**: Library patrons are not allowed/ allowed to recover their password via email in the OPAC.

**Note: Can be controlled by patron categories/system preference**

Coming Soon!

System Preference

##EnableExpiredPasswordReset : the ability for patrons to directly reset their password when it is expired. If not enabled patrons must either use the 'Forgot your password' feature or have staff reset their password.

##Coming in 22.05 from Bug 29925**

Two-Factor Authentication - bug 28786