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Monday Minutes: Advanced Editor Enhancements for 19.11

There are two new features 19.11 for the Advanced Editor in Cataloging, both of which were sponsored by our partner, Round Rock Public Library! Thank you, Round Rock Public Library!

They are bugs 17179 - Adding keyboard shortcuts to repeat fields or cut text and 17178 Adding a popup/keyboard shortcut for diacritics and symbols.

Since advanced editor tends to be very keyboard-driven, these are nice enhancements.

Now when you are in the advanced editor, you can use the following shortcuts for editing text:

  • Ctrl-X: cuts a line into the clipboard area
  • Shift-Ctrl-X: cuts current subfield into clipboard area
  • Ctrl-C: Copies a line into the clipboard area
  • Shift-Ctrl-C: Copies current subfield into clipboard area
  • Ctrl-I: Copies the current line and inserts onto a new line below
  • Ctrl-P: Pastes the selected item from the clipboard at cursor

The cursor can be right before the subfield or after the subfield to grab that subfield

The other function is a popup/keyboard shortcuts for diacritics and symbols

  • Click on Keyboard shortcuts - you will see there is now a shortcut Shift+CTRL+K
  • When you use that combo, a virtual keyboard will be displayed, and a new toolbar button labeled "Keyboard layout" will appear
  • When you press a letter on either the physical or virtual keyboard, it will be added to the editor
  • You can change the selected keyboard by clicking on "Keyboard layout”
  • When you select a keyboard layout, it will be reflected on the virtual keyboard
  • If you close the modal without selecting a layout, it will keep using the previous layout.

Advanced Editor Keyboard Shortcuts Can Now Be Customized!

In a previous Monday Minutes, we should you how to customize the advanced editor keyboard shortcuts. You can view that tutorial here: Advanced Editor Keyboard Shortcuts Can Now Be Customized!

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