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Monday Minutes: Adding Additional Fields in Acquisitions

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie chat about adding additional fields in Acquisitions Module to track for statistical purposes. We will show you how to add custom fields to order baskets, using the Additional fields values and how to use categories for statistical purposes in your budgets / funds.

Additional Field Values

From the menu in acquisitions on the left-hand side, select Manage order basket fields. You can also access this information from

Administration > Manage additional fields > select table Order baskets (aqbasket). A field added to aqbasket will appear upon the creation of a new order basket or the modification of an existing order basket in the acquisitions module.

  1. Click Create Field
  2. Give the field a name
  3. Attach it to an authorized value
    1. examples could be Department, Collection Code, Shelving Location, etc.
  4. Click the checkbox for searchable if you would like staff to be able to search for this value
  5. Click save

Now, let's connect that value to a basket.

  1. Navigate to Acquisitions > Vendor (of choice) > Add a basket to Vendor (of choice)
  2. Create a basket name
  3. select additional values for order, vendor/internal notes, and how to create items
  4. Under additional fields, you can now select the value you created!
  5. Click save

Sort 1 and Sort 2 attached to a fund

When you are adding a fund to a budget, you can use categories for statistical purposes. Staff can use the Asort1 and/or Asort2 to connect authorized values lists to track orders. Select the Asort1/Asort2 option from the dropdown lists for the Statistical 1 done on: and Statistical 2 done on: fields.

  • Get there: More > Administration > Acquisitions > Funds
  • Click on the edit but to edit an existing fund

From the edit screen, you can now add an authorized value to the following dropdown menus

  • Statistic 1 done on:
  • Statistic 2 done on:

You can pull from any authorized value. Collection Codes, Shelving locations, departments, etc.

If this is your first time setting up a budget/fund you can refer to the posts below to set this information up.

Self Paced Learning in Koha: Acquisitions

Customize Your Acquisition Process

Below are 2 examples of reports with additional field values and statistics 1 & 2.

Report with additional field values

 aqbasket k 
 LEFT JOIN aqbooksellers b ON (k.booksellerid=b.id) 
 LEFT JOIN aqorders o USING (basketno) 
 LEFT JOIN aqbudgets p USING (budget_id) 
 LEFT JOIN biblio t USING (biblionumber) 
 LEFT JOIN aqinvoices inv USING (invoiceid)
 LEFT JOIN additional_field_values afvd ON (k.basketno=afvd.record_id AND afvd.field_id=2)
 LEFT JOIN additional_field_values afvc ON (k.basketno=afvc.record_id AND afvc.field_id=3)
 LEFT JOIN additional_field_values afvl ON (k.basketno=afvl.record_id AND afvl.field_id=4)

Report with Statistics 1 and 2 attached to a fund

 o.ordernumber as 'order line',
 b.name AS vendor,
 p.budget_name AS fund,
 format(o.listprice,2) AS list_price,
 format(o.unitprice,2) AS unit_price,
 format((o.unitprice*o.quantity),2) AS total_price,
 o.datereceived AS date_received,
 o.sort1, o.sort2
 aqbasket k 
 LEFT JOIN aqbooksellers b ON (k.booksellerid=b.id) 
 LEFT JOIN aqorders o USING (basketno) 
 LEFT JOIN aqbudgets p USING (budget_id) 
 LEFT JOIN biblio t USING (biblionumber) 
 LEFT JOIN aqinvoices inv USING (invoiceid)
 o.datereceived BETWEEN <<Received BETWEEN (yyyy-mm-dd)|date>> AND <<and (yyyy-mm-dd)|date>>