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Monday Minutes: Retain Fields during Patron Import

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie show off another new feature coming Koha 21.11. When importing a batch of imports, a library will now be able to preserve fields that they don't wish to be overwritten.

Patron Imports

Before we jump right into the new stuff, if you have not ever imported a file of patrons but want to know how to see this blog post:

Monday Minutes: Using the Patron Import Tool

In Koha, 21.11, there is a new option to allow libraries to preserve patron fields during import. This is a collapsed option, which when uncollapsed, will show all the values that a library can choose from.

Checking one or more of these boxes will tell Koha to not touch the value in these fields during the overwriting process of the patron import.

This process is important for libraries looking to overwrite some data in the import, but not all, so don't forget to choose to overwrite the data in the next box below.

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