Lowest Priority Holds

Have you ever noticed the single green down arrow on the far right of the place hold screen?

Do you know what it does? We have discovered that a lot of people *think* they know what it does, but are wrong! That column is officially known as the “Toggle Lowest Priority” function.

This functionality allows you to place, and keep, a patron at the bottom of the holds list. Why would you do this you ask? One example would be for homebound patrons. Some libraries will place holds on new items for homebound patrons, but because their checkout period is significantly longer than other patrons, the library wants the homebound patron to get the item once the holds queue has been cleared for all the other patrons. Using this function will keep them on the holds list, and their hold will be filled once all the other holds have been cleared.

Notice in this screen shot how patron 1234567897 that was second in line is now at the bottom, and the lowest priority arrow now has a line underneath it. This means that patron will be last in holds priority until all the other holds are cleared.

If you have multiple patrons with lowest priority turned on, they will be kept in the order that they were placed in that status. For example, I have now added patron 9876 to lowest priority - notice the line under the arrow, and that they are below patron 1234567897.

To clear the lowest holds priority from a patron, just click on the arrow again, and the patron will be placed at the end of the queue, above any patrons that are marked lowest priority.

Staff will need the permission “modify_holds_priority” to use this function.

Read more by Donna Bachowski