Libki Kiosk Management

Libki Testing Plan - Printing

Install the Libki virtual printer drivers

  1. Install dotNet if needed, it's in the first directory.

  2. For the first printer, run PdfScribeInstall.msi.

  3. For the rest of the printers, run Install_Instance.bat.

Test uploading of print jobs from client to server

For each for your virtual print drivers:

  1. Print a one page print job to each printer (such as from a web browser).

  2. Verify the job shows up in the prints tab in the Libki web administration.

If you are using the Print Station for print release and/or payments

  1. Install the Libki Print Station software.

  2. Log in as the same user that printed in part 3.

  3. If you are using Jamex payments, verify you can make a payment via Jamex.

  4. Verify the print jobs are visible in the print jobs table, if not, make sure the user has funds to pay for those print jobs.

  5. Verify you can preview the first page of the print job.

  6. Verify the release button causes the print job to leave the table, and should show as Queued in the "Prints" tab of the Libki web administration now.

Install the Libki Print Manager on the computer configured to print to the real printer

Verify the print jobs are sent to the real printer after installation.

Additional resources

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