Libki Kiosk Management

Libki Testing Plan - Libki Administration and Clients

Log into your Administration site using the username and password provided to you by the ByWater team.

  1. Remember to change your password.

  2. If there are other administrators that need to access the Administration site click "+New user" to add accounts for them.

Review Administration Settings

  1. On the Administration site navigate to Settings.

  2. Under Settings you will see all the configuration options available to you. Most of these sections will be pre-populated based on your responses in the Libki Setup Questionnaire. Make sure that those details match your expectations.

Populate Closing Hours

  1. On the Administration site navigate to Closing Hours

  2. Confirm all the locations you have appear in tabs.

  3. Populate the Closing Hours for All Locations and the individual locations if those differ.

  4. If you have any specific dates, such as holidays, add those on this page.

Install the Libki client.

  1. Verify it created the directories.

    • C:\printers\color

    • C:\printers\monochrome

  2. Reboot the computer.

  3. Verify the the Libki client starts when Windows logs in.

  4. Verify the Libki client shows up in the "Clients" tab in the web administration.

  5. Verify you can log in with a guest user.

  6. If you are using Single Sign-on via SIP with your ILS, verify you can log in with a non-guest user from your ILS using the username/cardnumber and password from your ILS.

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