Koha How-To

Accidentally Delete a Report? These steps will show you how to recover it

In this Koha tutorial we will walk you through recovering a deleted report. Reports in Koha are a way to gather data. Reports are used to generate statistics, member lists, shelving lists, or any list of data in your database.

First, you will want to make sure your system preference to log report changes is turned on. Actions within the Koha system are tracked in log files. Your system preferences can be changed to prevent the logging of different actions. These logs can be viewed using the Log Viewer Tool.

Go to Administration › System preferences › Logs. The reports log must be set to log to track when reports are added, deleted or changed.

Next, go to Tools › Log viewer

Select ‘Reports’ from the Modules menu:
then click submit.
The results will appear in the info column where the SQL information is intact:

If you would like to watch a short Koha tutorial video on the purpose of the Log Viewer Tool, how to set it up and how to view your logs, view the video below.

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