Koha How-To

Setting Up Course Reserves in Koha

Here is a short Koha tutorial video on Setting Up Course Reserves in Koha.


Steps for setting up Course Reserves

  1. To enable the Course Reserve Module on Koha, go to the administrative module and under global systems – enter coursereserves.  Here you can set your preference to “Use”.
  2. A few key fields that are required when creating your course reserves are the professors attached to the reserve and the departments.  
  3. To attach instructors to the reserves, they do need to be in your Koha patron database.
  4. Each course reserve is attached a department, so departments would need to be set up in your Koha under Authorized Values.  
  5. To create a course reserve- choose the Course Reserve module from the more drop down menu or the main page.
  6. Click New Course
  7. Here you would enter all pertinent information regarding the course reserve.  Any red fields are required for setting it up.  
  8. After you have entered your course reserve information, it is now time to save it and scan all the items your instructor wishes to add to this course reserve.
  9. Each item you add to reserves – item type, collection code, shelving location, holding library can be changed to fit your library’s needs for this course reserve.
  10. Remember Item Type controls your circulation and fine rules- so if items on course reserves have a different loan period, it is important to change this field.
  11. You may add staff notes and public notes to each item.  A public note on the course reserve item will appear on the Item when it is displayed on the Course Reserve table in the OPAC and staff client.