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Koha Question of the Week: What version of Koha is my library on?

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Question: What version of Koha is my library on?

Answer: Great question! As we look towards Koha upgrades coming this summer, we should definitely see what version of Koha we are running.

From the main page of the Staff Interface, click the "About Koha" tab.

From this tab, you can see the version of Koha that is running on your system. In this picture, this library is running 21.11. The Koha versions are numbered by the year and month they are released. There are two releases a year, one in May and one in November. The Koha version 21.11 means, this version was released in November of 2021. The next version that will be released will be 22.05, which was in May of 2022.

Additional Resources

The Koha Community website has a lot of great information about the releases including documentation. Visit their website for their latest newsletter of information.

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