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Koha Question of the Week: What is a Standing Order in Acquisitions?

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Question: What is a standing order in Acquisitions?

Answer: When creating a basket in Acquisitions, a basket can be identified as "Standing order" which means this basket will never need to be closed to receive. A standing order can be received at any time and Koha will create another item on-order until the next one arrives.

Standing Order Process

In Acquisitions, when creating a basket, enter the basket name as usual.

If you’re ordering standing items (items that arrive regularly) then you will want to check the ‘Orders are standing’ box for this basket.

You will next add orders to the basket. Follow your usual method for adding the order to the basket (from an existing record, new record, etc).

When you add the order, create the accounting details below. You can set a price if the price is a consistent value, or leave the value at 0.00 if the value changes for every item (release, document, update, etc) you receive.

Fill out the remaining accounting details and hit save. Add any additional orders to the basket.

Remember standing order baskets do not close, so you can receive at any time once you have an order in the basket.

To Receive a Standing Order:

Pull up the vendor you want to receive the order from.

Enter the invoice number, shipping cost, and shipping fund (if applicable).

Then click 'receive' for the order that is standing on the second to last column under pending orders.

There will be no item detail information. Enter the quantity to receive and actual cost on the right-hand side of the accounting details.

That will create your order under already received, but also leave the basket open with the order above under pending orders.

Click the close checkbox to close the invoice (if no other orders need to be received).

Click finish receiving. If you entered a shipping cost and fund you will see that information under the invoice information. Down below you will see the invoice details.

Click Save. Your cost from the order you received (including shipping costs if entered) will now move from the spent column on your budget to order.

The basket will appear with the items received and the upcoming items ready to be received:

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