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Koha Question of the Week: What is a Macro?

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Question: What is a Macro?

Answer: Within the Advanced Cataloging feature, a librarian can create a macro to streamline the cataloging process.

Macros are short programs you write to automate routine tasks. Macros are built from commands. Each command does one step in the procedure you want to run automatically.

Why use macros?

Using macros can help to:

  • Reduce the number of keystrokes and mouse clicks by running repetitive processing steps automatically
  • Standardize procedures to reduce errors and inconsistencies
  • Decrease staff time required for routine tasks

Koha will allow librarians within the same Koha system to share Macros or keep them private.

Example Macros

Koha has a Wiki page to have examples of Macros that libraries can use on their system:

Koha Wiki Page

Additional Resources

Watch this recording:

Heather Hernandez from the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park Research Center will demonstrate the use of Macros within the Advanced Editor.

Here is a link to the Koha Manual for additional help:

Koha Manual- Macros