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Koha Question of the Week: What are Table Settings in Administration?

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Question: What are Table Settings in Administration?

Answer: Table Settings are the configuration of the tables throughout Koha. Table Settings can be found in the Administration Module under "Additional Parameters". Koha gives libraries the flexibility to determine what columns are displayed in various places in Koha.

Let's look at the Holds Queue:

This is what the Holds Queue report looks like with all the columns of data shows. If a library doesn't want the barcode and copy number to show by default, they can easily go into the Table Settings. Within Table Settings, there are options for most modules. Holds Queue will be under Circulation, if we decided to mark those two data fields as hidden, it will look like this:

Then after saving this new setting, we can go see what the Holds Queue now looks like:

Note: There is an option to hide or show more columns for a one-time option. There is an option for "Column Settings". This will show columns that are hidden and also allow the user to hide or reveal the columns. This is not changing the columns permanently, but allowing the user at this time to show or hide data.

Additional Resources

Here is a link to the Koha Manual for more details about Table Settings in Koha.