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Koha Question of the Week: What are Non-Priority Holds?

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Question: What are Non-Priority Holds?

Answer: This option, when placing a hold, will allow staff to place a hold on an item, but this hold will not prohibit the current person that has it checked out to renew.

This feature is extremely helpful to staff members that need to access this book, but do not want to stop this item from being renewed.

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When placing a hold, there is another option when placing holds. This option would allow a hold to be placed at the bottom of the queue and it will stay at the bottom until all other holds are filled. This is useful for those patrons who want the newest book, but don't want to be under pressure to finish it in the allotted time period (with no renewals since there are a lot of holds).

To do this, a staff member can click the down arrow to the right of the hold. This will place a green arrow with a line under it next to the hold that has been indicated to be placed at the bottom of the list.


A library can use these features together, a hold can be placed on "non-priority" and placed at the lowest spot. Then a staff member can put an item on hold as a non-priority, and also wait until all the holds are filled before they are needed.

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