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Koha Question of the Week: What are Batch Checkouts?

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Question:What are Batch Checkouts?

Answer: In Koha, there is a workflow included that would allow libraries to batch checkout items.

To set this feature up, the system preference, BatchCheckouts, will need to be turned on. The other system preference, BatchCheckoutValidCategories, will also need to be filled out. This will indicate which patron category you would like to perform a batch check out. If there are more than one patron categories that you would like to include, use a pipe | to separate them. In this system preference, you will use the Patron Category Code that is set up in Admin, under Patron Categories.
This function will allow you to use an RFID pad that reads multiple barcodes or perform a batch check out for training internal use.

Once these system preferences are filled out in the Admin section of Koha, use this feature:

From the patron's account, there will be a new tab on the left-hand side called "Batch Checkout".

Clicking this option will allow the staff member to either add a file of barcodes or enter the barcodes into a text box for Koha to process.

If you have the SpecifyDueDate system preference enabled you will have the option to set a due date for the checkouts.

Once you have added the barcodes of the items you are checking out, the screen will display:

Confirming the batch of checkouts, and these checkouts will also appear on the patron's checkout screen also.