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Koha Question of the Week: How to Export a Set of Barcodes?

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Question: How to Export a Set of Barcodes?

Answer: The item search is the perfect answer for a library to export a set of barcodes directly from Koha. The beauty of a barcode file is the ability to use this file with many other tools found in Koha, such as batch item modification, batch item deletion, adding items to a list, and inventory.

Using the item search is one of the easiest ways to capture a set of barcodes for a barcode file. When using the item search, an option can be used after the search is performed and viewed on the screen or when the search is constructed.

During an item search, an option found at the bottom of the screen will allow the search to be created as a barcode file:

Alternatively, a search can be performed, results viewed, and then exported to a barcode file. This option allows one to pick and choose which barcodes will be exported if necessary.

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