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Koha Question of the Week: How Do We Add Photos To Our Patrons?

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Question: How Do We Add Photos to Our Patrons?

Answer: You can do this to patrons individually or in bulk! First the system preference, PatronImages, must be set to Allow.

Once you have this set to allow, you to add an image to a patron individually, from the patron detail page, a placeholder image under the patron’s name, and a box to upload a patron image below the basic contact information.

Once, add an image is chosen, another option will be to upload the image to the patron's detail page. Attach the file and then click upload.


There is a limit to the size of the image, which is 100K on the size of the picture uploaded and it is recommended that the image be 200x300 pixels, but smaller images will work as well. For the file type, only PNG, GIF, JPEG, XPM formats are supported.

Batch Uploading Patron Images

From the Tools module within Koha, under Patrons & Circulation, there is the option to Upload Patron Images.

This tool will allow you to upload one image to an individual patron or in bulk.

Koha would like this bulk operation done through a txt file. The file name should be “DATALINK.TXT” or “IDLINK.TXT”

In this file, on each line in the text file enter the patron’s card number followed by a comma (or tab) and then the image file name.

Once you have supplied all the patron's card numbers and image files on this txt file, zip it up

Then the option in the Tool, to use a Zip File will be the option to choose.

After this has been processed, a success box will appear with the information that was processed. The same file restrictions from above still apply to this file import.

Additional Resources

More information can be found in the manual:

Koha Manual - Upload Patron Images