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Koha Question of the Week: How Do I Set Up a CSV Profile?

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Question: How Do I Set Up a CSV Profile?

Answer: Libraries that use the cart feature or lists to generate records to download can set up CSV profiles using CSV profiles, located in Tools -> Additional Tools -> CSV Profiles.

CSV profiles will accept a combination of fields and subfields, with the option to set your own headers.

This example profile is a way to send basic record information - title, author, subjects, and bib-level itemtype to CSV. (If I wanted to include item-level data in this, the Koha schema offers a good breakdown of what data is in which subfield.) The profile can be marked for staff use only, in which case it will only appear as an option for downloading lists and cart contents in the staff client. If that box is not selected, the feature is available for OPAC users to download cart and list contents as a CSV.

And just as a reminder, further options for downloading bibliographic data can be configured in the OpacExportOptions system preference. Enabling the cart on the staff intranet and OPAC are controlled by intranetbookbag and opacbookbag respectively.