Koha Question of the Week: Why Does My Item Keep Defaulting to a Certain Branch?

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Question: Why Does My Item Keep Defaulting to a Certain Branch?

When I check a book out from "X" Branch Library the Current Location automatically defaults to "Y" Branch Library instead of keeping it at the "X" Branch Library. How do we fix this?


This is a great question and why we wanted to start this Koha Question of the Week series. Sometimes we get so technical, we forget to cover this very important, everyday things!

This type of situation can prompt an inaccurate item status in your records so we understand that this can be frustrating. Good thing is, it's an easy fix!

The library you're working from is set at the top right, next to your account name, and is not related to where you have your staff patron account set to. Since that top right "working from" location has been set to "Y" Branch Library, that's where items are checked out from and checked in to. If you work at multiple branches, you want to be sure to check this before trapping any items.

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