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Koha Question of the Week: How can a library create more Report Groups?

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Question:How can a library create more Report Groups?

Answer: Within the Reports Module, by default, Koha has several Report groups created for the library to be able to easily organize the reports. A library can create more Report Groups and also assign Report Subgroups to reports. The more organization of the reports, the easier they will be found by the correct person. This organization is extremely helpful in libraries with multiple branches.

Whether you are creating a new report or updating an existing one, a user can easily add a Report Group/Sub Group designation.

Here is a screenshot of the pre-populated Report Groups that exist in Koha. There is also a way from this screen, to create a new Report Group.

Choose "Create New:- Add in a CODE and the Name. Remember, the code should be in capitalization, no spaces or special characters and 10 digits or less.

For the SubGroup, the same rules apply. Create New, and add in Code/Name.

See Your New Report Group

Once you create this new report group, you will see the new tab added to the top of the Reports Module:

Subgroup designation has it own column when looking at all the reports. Also, you can filter by SubGroup from the option right below the Report Groups:

Authorized Values

A library can also create the report group and subgroups within the Authorized Values.



Once these values have been added with the new groups or subgroups, they will appear in the dropdown in the Reports Module!


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