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Koha Question of the Week: Can a library share to Mana?

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Question: Can a library share to Mana?

Answer: Yes! The Koha Community appreciates any contribution to aid in improving Koha and also helping other librarians to use Koha.

Koha is a Māori term for a gift. It's a way in which one can express gratitude in any form! So giving back to the community even through sharing a serial subscription or report through Mana would be expressing gratitude to Koha.

What is Mana?

Let's cycle back, are you familiar with the Mana Knowledgebase? If not, here are some helpful resources to get you started:

Monday Minutes: Introducing Mana

Setting Up Mana

Using Mana for Serial Subscriptions

Using Mana to Import Reports into Koha

Sharing Serial Subscriptions to Mana

When setting up the connection to Mana, a library can pick "Auto Share Subscriptions". This option lives in the Administration Module, Share Content with Mana. If this box is checked, then any new subscription created in the Serials Module will be automatically shared with the Mana knowledge base.

However, if a library would not like all subscriptions shared with Mana, within each subscription, there is a share option that can be clicked.

Sharing Reports to Mana

To share a report to the Mana Knowledge Base, this will need to be done at the Report Level, there is no automatic option for reports created in your Koha system.

Don't you want to share your amazing mySQL skills with the library world, sharing a report is so easy and helpful to all!

When viewing all the library's saved reports, under the Action option, there is a Share choice. This will allow you to easily share a report without too many steps.

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