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Koha Question of the Week: What does Browse Selected Records Do?

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Question: What does Browse Selected Records Do?

Who Doesn't Love Exploring?

Have you ever just wanted to press the button and see what happens?

When doing a search in the staff client, the option "Browse Selected Records" may get lost in the sea of other options. There are definitely some fantastic options on this page:

If you have never explored these buttons before, you must!

  • Add to List
  • Add to Cart
  • Place Hold
  • Z39.50 Search
  • Edit
  • Sort

It is amazing what you can do right from the "Search" screen.

Browse Selected Records

What does this do?

If a staff member chooses a few records from this screen and then clicks on "Browse Selected Records", they will be pleasantly surprised with the option to look at all these records without having to do the original search!

There will now be a box available to the left of the full display of the record, that will allow you to arrow through the results that were chosen! "Browse Results" will bring the user back to the original search, which is super convenient too!

Don't Fear!

Click all the boxes! Try the things in Koha- you might find your new favorite feature in Koha.

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