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Koha Question of the Week: Are there any keyboard shortcuts in Koha?

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Question: Are there any keyboard shortcuts in Koha?

Answer: Yes!

Keyboard Shortcuts in Koha

Likely we all know a keyboard shortcut or two?

Ctrl c- Copy

Ctrl p- Print

Ctrl v- Paste

I just recently learned Ctrl z is like an Undo! Super happy when I learned that shortcut.

But maybe you didn't know there are keyboard shortcuts in Koha!

You can jump between the tabs on the quick search box at the top of the screen by using the following hotkeys (if the tab is available):

By default, the staff interface "Search Box" is set to "Checkout", an easy way to get to the Search Catalog from here is to do:

Alt q

Note: For Mac Users, you will use the Option Key instead.

To go directly to the Renewal Option in this box:

Alt w

To go directly to the "Checkin" option:

Alt r

To go directly to the "Checkout" option (sadly this option does not work on a Mac):

Alt u

Give these keyboard shortcuts, this may change your workflow and save you time!

Additional Resources

The advanced editor has the option to alter the built-in keyboard shortcuts for catalogers, see this blog post for more information:

Advanced Editor Keyboard Shortcuts Can Now Be Customized!

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