Koha How-To

What are Hard Due Dates in Koha?


Do you want to have items in your collection due on, before, or after a certain date? Setting a hard due date in Koha is all you need to do to make this happen.

The Hard Due Date preference is located in your circulation and fines rules matrix in the Administration module and it overrules your normal due date. The picture above shows you just where this setting is located and what it looks like.

There are three different settings you can assign to the hard due date – before, on, or after. These impact when the Hard Due Date would be applied.

If you select “before”, the hard due date will only be applied when the due date circulation rules is after this date.

If you select “on”, the books will circulated after you change the setting will be due on this date, regardless of the what the normal due date would be.

If you select after, the normal due date will be replaced by the hard due date only if it is before this date.

If you change or remove the hard due date after you set it, none of the books checked out under the hard due date will be impacted by this change. If items are renewed after you set the hard due date, they will then be due on the date determined by your hard due date settings if it falls within the renewal period.

Hard due dates do not automatically expire, so any items checked out after your hard due date will still be due on the hard due date, but provided you have the correct permissions, you can manually override the hard due date in the checkout screen.

Do you have any questions about how the hard due date works or about anything at all Koha-related? Just contact us! We love hearing from you.