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Koha 23.05: New Report Enhancements

In Koha 23.05, a few new fun report enhancements have been added! A new button, for Saving and Running a report! Also, the addition of Auto-Completion in the SQL, and more!

Auto-Completion to the SQL Report Editor

Bug [32613] Add auto-completion to our SQL reports editor

This is a game-changer! Who hasn't remembered a specific column within a table?

This adds an auto-complete feature to the SQL reports editor. This works for tables and columns. For columns, you’ll need to start with the table name, like borrowers, rather than a table alias. The editor will then suggest the columns of the borrower's table. The auto-complete feature will also work when tables have been renamed.

If a user is trying to include a column from within the items table, they can start typing, borrowers. and columns within that table will start to appear and fill in for the user !!

An upcoming Monday Minutes will show this in action later this month!

Save and Run - With One Click!

Bug [23824] Add a ‘Save and run’ button to reports

When editing a report, there is now a “Save and run” button that lets you save and run the report in one click rather than two clicks. Saving time and clicks ;)


A partner shared some CSS to add a little more color to this button! If you want to utilize this CSS, add this code to the system preference, intrantetuserCSS:

.btn.btn-default {
background-color: #7CFC00;

This color can be different, using a color picker, any hex color can be used.

Adding Interface to the Statistics Table

Bug 30928 - Add Interface to the Statistic Table

This feature adds a new column, interface, to the statistics table within the Koha Database schema. For libraries, they will now be able to create reports showing what interface (staff interface, SIP, OPAC, CRON, etc) the transaction took place. Previously this data point was only collected in the action logs, which clear out after 180 days (by default).

Here is a simple output of a report showing some columns from the statistic table and how this new column will help:

More Documentation for Koha 23.05

This is just one area of new enhancements coming in Koha 23.05, see all the fun stuff here:

Koha 23.05: Upgrades Hub

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