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Koha 22.11: Item Search Enhancements

Bug 14911 Item search: Display additional title information and Bug 30858 Add serial enumeration/chronology to itemsearch.pl bring added details to Item search that make it easier to distinguish between records with the same title.

For comparison, here is how results display in 22.05’s Item search:

These results display 245$a only in the Title column - any data in the subtitle ($b), medium ($h), part number ($n) and part name ($p) do not display, which makes it difficult to differentiate between records if the information in their other columns (publication date, call number etc.) is also the same. Now, though, any data in those subfields displays along with the title/245$a. Here is that same search in 22.11:

(Note that the brackets in the fourth result are for demonstration only - they are not automatically added by Koha.)

While these additional pieces of information display in the Title column, they don’t work for filtering the search - that is still by 245$a only.

If these fields do not show as available for editing, check each relevant framework to verify that 'Editor' is selected for each subfield you wish to use in Administration–MARC bibliographic frameworks. Also, note that existing ByWater Solutions partners may need an update to their Koha to MARC mapping for these to display properly - if you have data in those fields that is not displaying as expected in Item search, please submit a ticket and we will be happy to assist.

Similarly, bug 30858 adds a Serial/enumeration column to Item search results. As with other columns, staff can click the header to sort by these values or type a value into the space below the column header to filter:

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