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Koha 21.11: New Options for Runtime Parameters

Increased usability for parameters

21.11 brings increased usability to the parameter options for creating and running reports.

Bug 29201 - biblio_framework missing from list of runtime parameters when editing SQL reports
Bug 29328 - Add missing list parameter to reports parameter menu
Bug 29351 - Add missing cn_source parameter to reports parameter menu

Parameters allow you to either select from a group of values defined for that parameter (such as item types) or enter text (such as a partial call number, a publication year, a bib number etc.) for each run of a given report rather than having to hardcode values into your SQL.

List, biblio_framework, and cn_source have been available as runtime parameters in Reports, but none were included in the dropdown menu - so to use them, staff would need to 1) know that they were available and 2) manually type in the proper field name using the Text field option:

With 21.11 (or in the case of List, backported to 21.05.05), these options now appear in the ‘Runtime parameters’ dropdown:

The framework parameter pulls from your frameworks as defined in Administration–MARC bibliographic frameworks. It will appear by default as <<Framework|biblio_framework>>, though as with any other parameter, you can give it a different label than ‘Framework’ if you choose.

When you run the report, you be able to select a framework by name instead of having to remember each framework's code:

By default, cn_source will appear as <<Source of classification or shelving scheme|cn_source>>. You will be able to choose from the sources marked as ‘In use’ in Administration–Classification sources.

List is highly flexible - it can be used with biblionumbers, item numbers, borrowernumbers, barcodes, and more. The default label is generic, so it's advisable to update it with something more descriptive:

It will appear in your report as <<[Label]|list>>. When running the report, you can enter or (paste!) in a list with one number per line - the same format as used in the batch item and record modification and deletion tools:

Taken together, these enhancements add flexibility and help staff make full use of Koha's Reports module!

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