Koha How-To

How to use Branch Transfer Limits in Koha

Limit Transfer Rules

The Branch Transfer Limits Table in Koha allows you to limit the ability to transfer items between libraries based on the library sending, the library receiving, and the collection code or itemtype involved. You can also use branch transfer limits to deny holds for specific itemtypes or collection codes for specific branches.

System Preference

In your Administration Module within your Global System Preferences you have a preference called UseBranchTransferLimits & BranchTransferLimitsType. This allows you to enforce or not enforce the rules of the Branch Transfer limits. You can choose to limit by itemtype or collection code.

Keep in mind, if you do not have a collection code for every item you may want to limit by itemtype.

Setting up the Table

This table will build your itemtypes or collectioncodes (based on what you choose in the system preference above) along with your branches. By default, all branches and itemtypes or collection codes will be selected. Meaning, everything can be transferred, holds can be placed by each library / branch.

To enable the limits, you will want to go to Administration --> Library Transfer Limits.

In the example above, you can see I have the Main Library selected. In this case, I am limiting the Audio itemtype from being transferred from West Branch also prohibiting a hold being place from a patron at another location.

In the screenshot above, I have disabled the ability to transfer holds on any Audio Itemtype to and from the West Branch. That also means patrons from other branches can not place holds on that item if their branch does not match that location.