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How to set up an online resources only self registration

With more and more electronic resources available for patrons through their local library, we are seeing an increase the in the number of libraries who want to be able to give their patrons an immediate way to access online resources when they register for a library card from home. It is a straightforward process, and I’ll show you all the steps!

1. To begin with, the library will need to make a decision about what patron category to use in the self registration process. Many libraries use ONLINE or SELF to distinguish this registration from a library card that has been issued in a library. Create that patron category.

2. Additionally, you may want to create a separate branch just for these registrations. If so, set up that branch.

3. Turn on the automemnum system preference and figure out what number you will use as a starting point for these new registrations.

4. Set up your patron self registration system preferences.

5. Optional - create reports to see who is registering.

For help in setting up the system preferences, here are the typical mandatory entries on the self registration screen:


And typical fields in the borrower unwanted field:


I hope this helps, or inspires you to try something new. Share your success stories with us!

For more steps in the self registration process, here is another blog post about setting it up!

Setting Up Self Registration for your library

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