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How to Add a Report to the Koha Report Library

Koha Report Library

If you have found a handy report on the Koha Report Wiki and used it on your own site, then you know how simple it is!

The Koha Report Wiki has been created and contributed to by libraries/librarians around the world and because of this, each user of Koha has hundreds of reports to easily access and use for their own purposes.

Now, if you haven’t found a good SQL report on the Koha Report Wiki and you are a partner of ByWater Solutions, we may have written a report (or multiple) for your library. Wouldn’t you love to share this report with other librarians?

For those of you who do have the SQL skills to write Koha reports with ease, you may never use the Koha Report Wiki. In this case, wouldn’t it be great if you could share this report with other librarians as they may have the same need for a similar report?

Great news- since you have a report that is not found on the wiki- why not share it? Here is a small reminder that the definition of Koha in the Maori language is defined as a gift. This type of gift is considered more of a contribution or offering. As the true definition of Koha is the idea of reciprocity, so let’s give back!

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Steps in Adding a Report

Here are some easy steps to add a report to the Koha Report Wiki.

1. Request to have a login to edit the Koha Wiki.

2. Once you have an account, a great place to start is the Wiki page about editing the Wiki page: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Help:Contents

3. The Koha Report Library, has been broken down into 3 different wiki pages, as the number of reports was getting too large for one page.

Here are the 4 separate links to the Reports Library:

Cataloging/Acquisitions/Serials and helpful hints




Depending on the report, you would want to include your report on the appropriate wiki page.

4. Once you are on the correct Wiki page you would like to add your report to, your first step is to go to the portion of the page you want your report to live. Clicking the Edit next to the Header of the area the report will live in, is the easiest way:

5. Find where you would like the report to live on this edit page.

6. There is some syntax included with each report (Name, Purpose, etc), it is best to copy this and paste it back into the page. Now you can simply edit the copied section to create your information.

7. Next, you will remove the copied SQL and add your SQL in between:

<syntaxhighlight lang="sql">

NEW SQL goes here!


Don't Forget to Save

Once you have created the new entry for your report and added the SQL, scroll to the bottom of the page, there is a place to identify what you have changed, and then you will go ahead and save it.

Adding the report to the wiki through these directions will add the Title of your report to the top Table of Contents.

In this image, my report “New Report Name here” will appear under the Area in the Table of Contents called Patrons Gone Wild.


You have now successfully added a report to the Koha Wiki and shared it with the entire Koha community.

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