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Embedding an Aspen Discovery Search Form on your Website

Adding a search box to your library website with Aspen Discovery is quick and easy. We want our patrons to have seamless access to discovery and this search feature provides them with additional access. If they start at your library website, they can perform a search, and the results will populate in a new tab or window for them! The steps to embed this search box on your library website are below!

Embedding the code

To embed a search box on your library website you can add the code below.

1. Copy and Paste the code listed below.

2. Replace the words MYLIBRARY with your library name or library Aspen Discovery url followed by /Union/Search.


<form action="" method="get" target="_blank"> <input name="searchSource" value="local" type="hidden"> <input name="basicType" value="Keyword" type="hidden"> <div> <input title="Enter one or more terms to search for. Surrounding a term with quotes will limit result to only those that exactly match the term." name="lookfor" value="" size="40" type="text"> <input type="submit" alt="Search Catalog" value="Search the Catalog"> </div> </form>

Example of Search Box

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