Email Library When Purchase Suggestion is Made

A new feature has been added to Koha 19.05 when a purchase suggestion has been submitted, an email can be sent to the librarian to alert them of the pending purchase suggestion.

New Notice

There is Administration setup required to turn this feature on. Firstly, there is a new notice, New_Suggestion, that has been added to the Notices & Slips tool. This notice does come with a default text, however, as with all notices, this can be altered due to the library needs.

Two New System Preferences

There are two new system preferences that work together on this new feature:

EmailPurchaseSuggestions &


There are a few options for the first system preference, EmailPurchaseSuggestion. The email can be sent:


-Email Address of Branch (found in the Libraries section of Admin)

-Email address for Suggestions - which if chosen, then the next system preference will be used

-Koha Admin Email Address- which is an email in the system preference, KohaAdminEmail.

If a library would like to use an email separate from either the Email Address of the Branch ore the Koha Admin Email Address, then the next system preference, EmailAddressforSuggestions, should be filled in.

If a library does not want to be emailed when a purchase suggestion has been made, a library would choose None (which will be set as the default on an upgrade).

Emailing Notices

This notice does go out with the message queue. In a report that was created to see this notice that was sent. The fields of the purchase suggestion that the patron filled out will be included in this notice. This is what the current default structure looks like:

19.05 is coming!

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